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If you're considering spending a holiday weekend at Zion National Park, here's what you can expect: crowds. Get inside as early as you can.
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Boot Hill Cemetery
View from a Gas station on the prairie

  Taste of Home
My sister-in-law always made this delicious breakfast dish when we were camping and had to come up with good, easy breakfast ideas. Served with toast, juice and milk or coffee, it's a sure hit with the breakfast crowd! One-dish casseroles like this were a big help while I was raising my nine children. Now I've passed this recipe on to them. —Pauletta Bushnell, Albany, Oregon
8 servings.
Prep time:
hrs:0 min:5
Cook time:
hrs:0 min:25
Total time:
hrs:0 min:30

3/4 pound bacon strips, finely chopped
1 medium onion, chopped
1 package (30 ounces) frozen shredded hash brown potatoes, thawed
8 large eggs
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

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The fact that an extraterrestrial metropolis probably doesn't exist does not mean we shouldn't try to find one
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Unsurprisingly, there's no way you could see city lights on a planet orbiting another star. Even if aliens used a whole lot more light than we do, says Turner, the ability to detect it at such vast distances is "two or three generations of telescope away."
A new proposal would use quantum hard drives to combine the light of multiple telescopes, letting astronomers create incredibly high-resolution optical images.
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The group was gathered on Sunday night to protest police brutality. Two other people were injured, the police said.
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One person was killed and another injured Sunday night after being struck by a car in the Uptown area of Minneapolis during a protest, near the site where Winston Smith was shot by sheriff's deputies earlier this month.
“A car came at us going like 70 or 80 miles an hour,” Hooker said in an interview. “There was one line of barriers and then a second barrier, and he sped up. He sped up. He went even faster as he approached us. You could hear it ... start going even faster as he got close to us.”
“The car went through the air and it hit a young woman,” Hooker said.
The vehicles came to rest on Lake Street, including an SUV with serious front-end damage and another smaller vehicle with damage to the side.

Another witness, Brett Williams, said the woman struck by the car that had been hit was thrown into a stop light standard beside the street.
“A woman was killed and two others were injured after being struck by a car during a protest in Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood, police said Monday. The suspect was pulled from his car by protesters after the 11:39 p.m. Sunday crash and is now in custody and being treated for injuries at a hospital, police said on Twitter. Police did not say how the man was hurt or give the extent of his injuries. His motive was not immediately known. There had been ongoing protests in Uptown since the June 3 shooting of Winston Boogie Smith Jr., a 32-year-old father of three, by members of a federal U.S. Marshals Service task force” the AP reports. “Members of the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force were trying to arrest Smith on a warrant for allegedly being a felon in possession of a gun, authorities sa
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The incident took place late Sunday at Lake Street and Girard Avenue in Minneapolis. The driver was arrested, police said.
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More than 100 people were struck by cars last year during Black Lives Matter protests, and Republican legislatures in multiple states have introduced measures that would grant immunity to drivers who strike and injure protesters with their vehicles.

  John Markoff
Metamaterials, which could improve smartphones and change how we use other technology, allow scientists to control light waves in new ways.
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Novel materials range from corrective lenses to industrial, medical, aerospace and other equipment
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Anytime I hear anything about reality I am skeptical. HaHa
Science, Space and Technology News 2021
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New measuring devices exploit the extreme sensitivity of quantum states—but making them practical is a challenge.
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Volocopter is here to change air transport and the aviation industry with the its all-electric air taxi. Discover it now!
The Jetsons show has come true, this was the last piece of the puzzle, now the world is complete and karma is now.
Catchy name, viable idea, good model, boom!

This electric VTOL-capable drone is taking another step toward tests with passengers in New Zealand..
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  The Verge
Kitty Hawk, the electric flight startup backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, unveiled its third aircraft on October 3rd. Heaviside, which is abbreviated to HVSD, is roughly 100 times quieter than a helicopter, and it can travel the 55 miles from San Jose to San Francisco in about 15 minutes, the company says.
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The Larry Page-backed air taxi startup Kitty Hawk has dropped a key designer after fights over the company's strategy..

  Blackberry Farm | Luxury Hotel & Resort
Blackberry Farm, a luxury hotel and resort situated on a pastoral 4,200-acre estate in the Great Smoky Mountains, is one of the most celebrated small luxury resorts in the world.
Explore Amangiri, a remote hideaway in Canyon Point, Utah. Perfect for adrenaline-fuelled adventure and peaceful desert retreats. Explore Utah with Aman.
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Our photo gallery lets you explore the beauty of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. View the luxury suites, outdoor pools & spectacular ranch views on offer at Amangani.

As pandemic-weary Americans seek to visit the most popular national parks this summer, towns are struggling to keep up with demand.
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After a year of limited travel, national parks have seen a surge of visitors. Park officials are expecting millions more over the summer.
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Big Bend National Park could see a new lodge facility built if concerns with the stability of the Chisos Mountains Lodge can't be adequately and economically repaired. Nearly $23 million in Great American Outdoors Act funding has been recommended for that project, and the park in West Texas also has $54.3 million earmarked for water systems repairs.
The trails along the Chisos Mountains have been closed since April 8 because of the South Rim Fire.
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  Popular Mechanics
Some scientists believe the universe is conscious. Sounds like a bad trip ... but what if it's true? 
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Leading scientists have long pondered how matter gives rise to our subjective experience of reality and believe consciousness could even permeate space and time.
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A team of scientists at the University of Sussex have for the first time built a modular quantum brain scanner, and used it to record a brain signal. This is the first time a brain signal has been detected using a modular quantum brain sensor anywhere in the world. It's a major milestone for all researchers working on quantum brain imaging technology because modular sensors can be scaled up, like Lego bricks. The team have also connected two sensors like Lego bricks, proving that whole-brain scanning using this method is within reach—as detailed in their paper, which is published today in pre-print. This has not been possible with the currently commercially available quantum brain sensors from the United States.
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Who the hell knows what they are talking about
I might as well as be magnetic before I will understand any of this

  Washington Post
I've moved to the GOP side of this polarizing opinion.
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Sister Mary Joseph gave the end of her life to God but her first 60 years were far from traditional.
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Six-year-old Suzy Eshkuntana woke up alone in Gaza's largest hospital where she was rushed by rescuers from the rubble of her home, which had been wrecked by a pre-dawn Israeli strike that killed her mother and all four of her siblings.

TAKOMA PARK, Md. (AP) — A plump robin wearing a tiny metal backpack with an antenna hops around a suburban yard in Takoma Park, then plucks a cicada from the ground for a snack. Ecologist Emily Williams watches through binoculars from behind a bush.
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Even in the breeding grounds, we found that European bee-eaters preferred the company of some birds over others. These tended to be the individuals they migrated with.
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Satellite based positioning systems for unraveling migration are still too heavy for passerines. Only recently, a more lightweight alternative has been developed: the geolocator. Geolocators measure the intensity of sunlight and save this data together with date and time in an internal memory. Once retrieved, these data allows determining sunrise and sunset times and hence geographic latitude and longitude.

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Produced at the most intensely creative period of the artist’s career, this extraordinarily expressive drawing comes to auction in March
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