Walters Wiggles, on the Angels Landing trail
Wabasha Avenue Bridge, St Paul
Arches in the evening has light and shadows galore.
Downtown St Paul, the St Paul Hotel and the Lowry Building
  • From: Octavius 04-20-2021
    Posted: 9 hours ago
    Working in this area made you feel like the F Scott Fitzgerald of software writing, and 160 other suburban nerds felt the same way.
  • Como Park
    Reflections on Lake Como
    Mall of America
      Scientific American
    Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.
    Highest resolution imaging in astronomy is achieved by interferometry, connecting telescopes over increasingly longer distances and at successively shorter wavelengths.
    The area between Lyndale and I35W is undergoing very significant change, with much more to come - the removal of the Kmart building, the restoration of Nicollet Avenue, and the completion of I35W construction. It will be very interesting.
    The city's deal to let the U.S. Postal Service use the site for a temporary post office means the building will remain standing through at least next year, and maybe longer.
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    Backing racist voting laws and Tucker Carlson’s replacement conspiracies, author, venture capitalist and now populist ‘hero’ J.D. Vance is campaigning for a white American volk. And Jews are central to his ugly narrative
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    It is not where you come from but what you do -- the moral of Hillbilly Elegy.
    From: Octavius 04-20-2021
    Posted: 12 hours ago
    And hillbilly''s explain Trumps appeal. We can put a man on the moon but they want a hillbilly to be president. WTF? That is stupid is as stupid does territory.
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    A month-long assessment in Wuhan sought the human origin of SARS-CoV-2. The investigators graded 4 possible scenarios.
      Julia Rosen
    Definitive answers to the big questions.
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    Evaluation of uninitialized multidecadal climate model future projection performance provides a concrete test of model skill The quasi‐linear relationship between model/observed forcings and temper...
    King Zog of Albania. Albania fell further under Italian influence during Zog's reign, and by the end of the 1930s the country had become almost fully dependent on Italy despite Zog's resistance. In April 1939 Italy invaded Albania and the country was rapidly overrun. Mussolini declared Albania an Italian protectorate under King Victor Emmanuel III, forcing Zog into exile. He lived in England during the Second World War but was barred from returning to Albania by Enver Hoxha's communist regime. Zog spent the rest of his life in France and died in April 1961 at the age of 65. His remains were buried at the Thiais Cemetery near Paris, before being transferred to the royal mausoleum in Tirana in 2012.
  • From: Octavius 04-20-2021
    Posted: 20 hours ago
    All hat, no cattle
  • The remains of King Zog, Albania's self-proclaimed former monarch, are repatriated from France more than half a century after his death.
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    The Watchman Trail in the morning
    The Arboretum in Chanhassen
  • From: John T 04-19-2021
    Posted: 23 hours ago
    The Arboretum is great if you like trees and plants, me, I like beer
    • From: Kathy 04-19-2021
      Posted: 23 hours ago
      Beer comes from plants, but you need less beer and more plants, trees, and the outdoors
    • From: Octavius 04-19-2021
      Posted: 23 hours ago
      I have a solution, go to the Arboretum and drink beer
      • From: Kathy 04-19-2021
        Posted: 23 hours ago
        That is not a solution, that is a joke
        • From: John T 04-20-2021
          Posted: 19 hours ago
          I try to moderate and only drink beer on days that end with "y"
        • From: Octavius 04-20-2021
          Posted: 15 hours ago
          I think you could use some beer and some jokes. Here's one-- anyone can drink beer, but it takes intelligence to enjoy it.
    • From: Octavius 04-20-2021
      Posted: 15 hours ago
      Skip the trees shit, go right to beer
  • St Marks Cathedral, Mpls
    Downtown Mpls from the 10th Ave bridge
    Minneapolis Sculpture Garden at dusk
    Downtown St Paul
    Downtown St Paul
    Downtown St Paul during Winter
      Derrick Bryson Taylor
    Because of the pandemic, domestic travel in the U.S. is expected to surge this year, experts say.
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    First day to reserve / Arrival date

    April 21 / May 21–June 30
    April 28 / July 1–31
    May 5 / August 1–31
    May 12 / September 1–30
    May 14–Sept 23 / 7 days in advance

    Former park ranger Kent Taylor offers private tours of the national parks and wildlife areas of the United States and Canada since 2004.
    Planning a trip to a lesser-known park this summer can help you avoid crowds and have a better time.
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