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Smart Computer Interfaces for Future Interactions (SciFi) Lab is an interdisciplinary lab located at Computing and Information Science in Cornell University. SciFi lab builds intelligent sensing systems that enable novel and natural information exchange between humans, computers, and surrounding env

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Bill Gates, mysterious deaths, and the business machine that sparked a home revolution.

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Next-gen processor tech gives more performance with less energy use, IBM claims.
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  EGO Power+ LM2101 21 in. 56 volt Battery Lawn Mower Kit (Battery & Charger)

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By as early as 2022, commercial services using Argo AI's self-driving system will be up and running.
A lot of innovation is taking place with respect to LiDAR technology. While linear LiDAR is recognized as the most conventionally used LiDAR “mode,” it isn’t the only one. Newer modes like single-photon LiDAR and flash LiDAR are gaining more traction and it is important to understand how they differ from one another. Princeton Lightwave is a specialist in Geiger mode LiDAR, so POB Managing Editor Valerie King stopped by its booth at AUVSI Xponential 2017. She asked Jay Liebowitz, chief sales and marketing officer . . .
Published: 3 years ago

Some scientists are calling the dryness in the West a "megadrought," defined as an intense drought that lasts for decades or longer.
Published: 2 months ago
If 'drought' means a period of dry years followed by a return to the norm, California is not in drought. The current climate is the norm.
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  Nature Geoscience
Identifying the observables that warn of volcanic eruptions is a major challenge in natural hazard management. A potentially important observable is the release of heat through volcano surfaces, which represents a major energy source at quiescent volcanoes. However, it remains unclear whether surface heat emissions respond to pre-eruptive processes and vary before eruption. Here we show through a statistical analysis of satellite-based long-wavelength (10.78011.280 μm) infrared data that the last magmatic and phreatic eruptions of five different volcanoes were preceded by subtle but significant long-term (years), large-scale (tens of square kilometres) increases in their radiant heat flux (up to ~1 °C in median radiant temperature). Large-scale thermal unrest is detected even before eruptions that were not anticipated from other volcano monitoring methods, such as the 2014 phreatic eruption of Ontake (Japan) and the 2015 magmatic eruption of Calbuco (Chile). We attribute large-scale thermal unrest to the enhancement of underground hydrothermal activity, and suggest that such analysis of satellite-based infrared observations can improve constraints on the thermal budget of volcanoes, early detection of pre-eruptive conditions and assessments of volcanic alert levels. Large-scale radiant heat flux increased in the years prior to eruptions at five volcanoes, probably due to enhanced underground hydrothermal activity, according to an analysis of satellite infrared data.

  Julie Bosman
Cases and deaths have dipped, and vaccinations make scientists hopeful, even as variants mean the coronavirus is here to stay.
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The report comes as administration officials and leaders in many states are sounding more confident that the country can return to a degree of normalcy relatively soon.
Published: 2 days ago

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Illuminating science
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Researchers in the Netherlands have established an entanglement-based network between three quantum processors for the first time.
Published: 21 days ago

How we vaccinated children without maps. A story with a happy ending.
Published: a year ago
A Story of the Effort to Protect the Shawangunk Ridge
Published: a year ago
Pocket Atlas of the Greek islands
Published: a year ago
Applied Oceans Research Group (AORG)
Published: a year ago

  Modern Hiker
If you’re in the mood for some terrain and rock formations that will make you think you’re on another planet, this loop in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park via the Chesler Park and Joint Trails needs to go on the top of your to-hike list ASAP. This 10.4 mile loop takes you into […]
Chesler Park - A long, entertaining circuit through a stunning landscape of sandstone spires, pinnacles, knobs, fins and monoliths surrounding a scenic expanse of desert grassland in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park.
I’ve never seen an arch quite like Druid Arch.  It’s free standing, has two large openings, and is somewhat reminiscent of Delicate Arch in shape.  It’s really cool, and if it was only a mile from a trailhead, I’d highly recommend that you visit it.
Published: 8 years ago

'Expeditions: Rome' is a brand new strategy RPG from THQ Nordic that places a greater emphasis on its narrative than any previous 'Expeditions' game.
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Rome: Total War received a series of solid updates with this remaster, but the game falls a little flat without modern strategy game innovations.
Published: 4 days ago
Rome's "Area Sacra," a sunken square home to the ruins of four ancient temples, doubles as a sanctuary for stray cats
Published: 18 days ago
Rome is to undertake major works to open up Largo di Torre Argentina - funded by Bulgari - prompting questions about how this will affect the cat sanctuary.
Published: 22 days ago

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The 1930s had a great influence on the 1940 United States Census. See what you can learn about your ancestors' lives with a historic take on the census.
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Between 1930 and 1940, the population of the Continental United States increased 7.2% to 131,669,275
Texas tenant farmer in Marysville, California, migrant camp during the peach season. 1927 made seven thousand dollars in cotton. 1928 broke even. 1929 went in the hole. 1930 still deeper. 1931 lost everything. 1932 hit the road. 1935, fruit tramp in California.
Migrant workers' camp, outskirts of Marysville, California.

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"His legacy lives on," current Interior Secretary Deb Haaland said of Udall.
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<p>Filmmakers Collaborative San Francisco is a non-profit organization with a mission to produce compelling films and campaigns that engage audiences in matters of cultural, social, and environmental significance.</p>
The 1960s Interior Secretary was a man ahead of his time. Now it’s time to remember him
Published: A year ago

Fully-realized quantum internet is still a far-off goal, but a new three-node network brings it significantly closer.
Creator: Becca Caddy
Published on the web: 18 days ago
Researchers in the Netherlands have established an entanglement-based network between three quantum processors for the first time.
Published: 21 days ago

  Earth Trekkers
Everything you need to know to hike the Chesler Park Loop with the Joint Trail in the Needles, Canyonlands National Park.
Author: Ashley
Published on the web: 4 months ago
The place has been a subject of scientific interest for more than a half century because of one striking fact: cattle have never managed to find it
Published: a year ago

One way to play with vintage hardware without owning the hardware is to use an emulator, but [omni_shaNker] announced taking it to the next level by using VR to deliver a complete Commodore 64 syst…
Cripes, I would pay good money to re-live my Commodore 64 life. Not. Pfft
6502 assembler.

LDA = load accumulator
JSR = Jump to subroutine

the code loads data and processes it with the code at address $FFD2

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There has never been a better time to upgrade a southern Utah road trip
Author: Erin Riley
Published on the web: 4 days ago
Yeah right, pay $500 plus to stay in a canvas tent, on what would be a scorching hot location with full sun all day long. No thanks. For that price you can have the top lodging in the entire area. The site I have seen on the Kolob road sure looks like a bad idea to me. Great views, sure, but also hot.
Under Canvas offers a glamping experience like no other, bridging the gap between the great outdoors and high-end hotel-ing in the State's natural settings.
Published: 3 years ago

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Colleen Marzluff whistled to her ornithologist husband, John, as he was looking for a raven nest in a string of trees on the low southern flank of Yellowstone’s Bison Peak.
Published on the web: 16 days ago
Twenty-one Yellowstone wolves are parading across the valley from us as our son looks through the scope. Watch and read about the Junction Butte wolves.
Published: a year ago
An unusual set of circumstances led to an extremely habituated litter of wolf pups being raised near Slough Creek last summer, a behavioral trait that likely played a role in
Published: a year ago

  New York Post
The National Park Service has put out a call for individuals "skilled" in "bison removal."
Published on the web: 6 days ago

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Sometimes it almost feels like Washington state is just plain showing off – and there are few places where this is more true than Olympic National Park.
OLYMPIC FAVORITE NATIONAL PARKS Catching a cloud inversion at sunrise is the stuff dreams are made of! Olympic National Park boasts several different ecosystems, from the sky piercing peaks of the Olympic Mountains to temperate old growth rainforest. For more
Published: a month ago
FORKS, Wash. - A Coast Guard helicopter crew rescued two hikers who became stranded on a ledge early Sunday along a remote coastal area of Olympic National Park. The crew responded from the Coast Guard air station at Port Angeles at about 2 a. m. after receiving distress calls about two people in trouble near Hoh Head on the Pacific coast. Arriving at the scene, they learned that the two hikers had become stranded about 150 feet from the water line after climbing to retreat from rising tides.
Published: 5 days ago

America's National Parks are picture-perfect places perfectly perserved to be savoured by the people.
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Landscape photography is one of the most accessible genres in photography. And, because of this, it's a great area to practice your compositional skills. Indeed, it's easy to get started in landscape composition due to the static nature of the subject, but it's extremely difficult to master. Even the great photographers are constantly looking to improve and evolve — it's a
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Will Weston Online Classes for Drawing America. Exclusive content added weekly in our forums. Early notifications of upoming workshops.

It's still a mystery who created the large marijuana growing operation.
Published on the web: 5 days ago
A pot farm roughly 40 acres in size, tended to by growers who have threatened hikers, has been discovered in a remote corner of Death Valley National Park by rangers.
Visitors to Death Valley’s most well-traveled areas are not at risk of finding a marijuana grow site. However, hikers in remote areas near water sources should remain alert, turn around and leave if they notice signs of suspicious activity, such as excessive amounts of trash, hillside terracing, or plastic irrigation tubing. Once safe, they should notify rangers at a visitor center or call the National Park Service tip line at 888-653-0009

  Lonely Planet
Several parks are implementing ticketed entry systems to facilitate social distancing and prevent overcrowding.
Published on the web: 8 days ago
Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee has just announced the dates for its mesmerizing annual firefly show.

  Estes Park Trail-Gazette
Spring is a glorious time to visit Rocky Mountain National Park. Blue skies and bits of snow make the scenery absolutely stunning!
Creator: Wendy Rigby
Published on the web: 7 days ago
Web page where you purchase a ticketed entry permit to RMNP. Note the availability in June, but it is important to also note -- those dates do not have single opening that is prior to 1pm. It often storms in the afternoons in these mountains.
Note there are no early times offered

Art on a Lake Street shop
Current offerings at Lake Street art shop

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Scientists have figured out how to modify the gene-editing tool CRISPR to control how genes are switched on or off, without changing DNA.
Published on the web: 6 days ago
CRISPR gene therapy shows promise against blood diseases–in particular, transfusion-dependent beta thalassemia and sickle cell disease.
Published: 4 months ago
Whitehead Institute is a world-renowned non-profit research institution dedicated to improving human health through basic biomedical research.

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More than 165,000 people visited the Boundary Waters last year — a 16 percent jump over the previous year — as people sought refuge in the isolated wilderness from the COVID-19 pandemic. Outfitters say early reservations suggest this summer could be even busier.
After several consecutive years of hovering right around 25,000 permits issued annually, that number jumped to more than 31,000 last year — a 25% increase.
Published: 9 days ago

  Physics World
Study could help aircraft and spacecraft land more safely on water
Published on the web: 6 days ago
The rate of acceleration of a stone hitting the water is key to whether or not it will skip along the surface and could be useful when designing seaplanes and spacecraft
Stone skimming is an ancient popular sport that blends optimal angles, velocity, and spins with the physics of fluid dynamics. Learn how to skip a stone.
Published: 11 months ago

As the weather warms up, many of us are thinking about getting outdoors. For a lot of Utahns, that means enjoying one of our Mighty Five national parks. Caption: KUTV: 2News Investigates. But the 2News Investigative Team found that one park was operating in secret — at least when it came to adding a cell tower inside the park. Smart phones have become the soundtrack of our lives, connecting us to family, friends and work.
Published on the web: 8 days ago
A marble head of the Roman emperor Augustus has been uncovered by archaeologists in the Italian town of Isernia.
Published on the web: 7 days ago
Un ritrovamento archeologico estremamente importante è avvenuto ieri a Isernia durante i lavori di scavo alle mura antiche della città in via Occidentale:
Published: 7 days ago
China plans 10 more launches to build its space station by the end of 2022. It's not clear whether there's any plan to safely discard the rockets.
Published on the web: 6 days ago
The core stage of China’s Long March 5B is spinning of control and is poised to perform an uncontrolled reentry from orbit, potentially threatening inhabited areas.
Published: 7 days ago
China plans 10 more launches to build its space station by the end of 2022. It's not clear whether there's any plan to safely discard the rockets.
Published: 6 days ago
Published on the web: 17 years ago
Wikipedia’s infoboxes contain rich structured information of various entities, which have been explored by the DBpedia project to generate large scale Linked Data sets. Among all the infobox...
Genre: Computer Science
Provenance is information about entities, activities, and people involved in producing a piece of data or thing, which can be used to form assessments about its quality, reliability or trustworthiness. PROV-DM is the conceptual data model that forms a basis for the W3C provenance (PROV) family of specifications
You don't become an astronaut in the hopes of getting to eat some really good food in space. The International Space Station, for example, isn't stocked with high-end cuisine. In fact, most of the stuff that the astronauts eat comes in tiny packages that are warmed by a machine built right into the wall. It's not exactly a five-star restaurant floating around above our heads, but as plant-growing experiments gain more and more momentum, the orbiting laboratory has become home to a surprising number of vegetables. It's those veggies that will eventually help mankind explore the solar system and perhaps even beyond. In a new blog post, NASA reveals that the inhabitants of the ISS were recently treated to some fresh greens as part of ongoing microgravity plant-growing experiments. Michael Hopkins, an astronaut with Expedition 64, spearheaded work on a handful of Vegetable Production System experiments, and a couple of them just ended in harvests on April 13th. So, what's on the menu? Amara mustard greens and a tiny variety of pak choi, both of which grew for 64 days before being harvested. Via NASA: The pak choi grew for so long that it began to flower as part of its reproduction cycle. Hopkins’ efforts in eclipsing the mark included using a small paintbrush to pollinate plant flowers. He decided on that approach after speaking with Kennedy’s Matt Romeyn, a space crop production project scientist and science lead on the four plant experiments. They discussed multiple options, including just letting the flowers self-pollinate. Hopkins ultimately ended up doing just that, and the observations and flow of the experiments proved to be extremely important for the future. Fruiting plants require pollination and they will be vital in future long-haul missions to places like Mars. This will be especially true if NASA (or whoever) decides to try to set up shop on the Red Planet for an extended period of time. The leafy veggies turned out to be a big hit and tasted great, according to notes from the crew. In the future, growing vegetables during flights to other planets will make it easier for spacecraft to remain light. Not having to haul prepared food for the trip is a very big plus, and reliable crop production could make or break our ability to explore not just our own solar system but the galaxy as well. “That’s mission accomplished for us right there … doing sustained crop production on station is an important demonstration for later missions beyond low-Earth orbit,” Romeyn said in a statement. “The crew is enjoying growing them, they’re enjoying eating them, and these are the exact kind of crops we can send on a long-duration lunar stay to provide supplemental nutrition. Everything we learn on station and the Moon will eventually enable doing this en route to Mars someday.”
Published on the web: 8 days ago
For humans to survive off Earth, we’ll need vegetables to eat and flowers to admire.
Published: 2 years ago

Local graffiti artist
Lake Harriet Rose Garden