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Star Tribune
Police launched investigations after groups of people looted Twin Cities Best Buy stores last week.
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Carl Zimmer
A new simulation shows how the virus survives inside tiny airborne particles of water — and gives clues about how the Delta variant became dominant.
Published on the web: 18 hours ago
Slate Magazine
Republican governors have decided to coddle vaccine refusers, even as they cut benefits for everyone else.
Published on the web: yesterday
This is psychotic, they are killing us. I am sure this insanity is nothing new in the history of pandemics and human history, we have always had insane, power seeking people.
Tense moments unfolded Tuesday evening outside the Hennepin County Government Center in downtown Minneapolis after a car drove past some barricades into the area where protesters were calling for justice for Daunte Wright.
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Weighs 65g. Personal wearable negative ion generator air purifier to remove second-hand cigarette smoke, pollen and PM2.5 particles when worn around the neck. 4x higher air purification capabilities provided by the conductive strap/nickel chrome plated frame. No maintenance required. No noise generated. Replaceable Conductive Lanyard/Negative Ion Emitter Cover. White color model available.
Covid is .125 microns. this product only blocks 2.5 microns, but if Covid is attached to a droplet it likely would help.
<div> <p class="more active">Available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, this is the wearable air purifier that helps remove germs and impurities from your personal space while you travel in a plane, train, or car. It emits over 36 million negative ions every second that attach to particles, moving them to positively charged surfaces like a floor. In an independent study we commissioned, it reduced virus like pathogens in a 3 cubic foot chamber (to duplicate one’s personal space) from 60% in 30 minutes to 90% in 180 minutes. Real world effectiveness can vary, depending on air circulation and movement of the user. Ideal for ground and air travel and while dining out. It hangs comfortably around the neck, helping to purify the air up to 3' from the device when used as indicated. Recharges via USB. Includes soft case. For adults only. 3 1/4" H x 1 1/2" W x 3/4" D. (2 oz.)</p> </div>
Adam Liptak
After two hours of sometimes tense exchanges in one of the most significant abortion cases in years, the court appeared poised to uphold the state law, which bans abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy.
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Operational strains are colliding with the rapid growth ambitions of Reef Global, a leading player in the business of delivery-only restaurants. ...
Published on the web: 2 days ago
Publisher: wsj.com
Can you compress it more?” Her face scrunches with effort. I exhort her, “Push! Really push it!” “Oomph! It barely fits, but I got it.”...
Big Bend National Park, Texas
Big Bend National Park celebrated its 64th birthday June 12. More than just a marvel of biodiversity, this remote and scenic park offers a wide range of recreational choices. To get the most from your visit you’ll need to do some homework, time your visit wisely, make some prior arrangements, and be prepared for changing conditions.
Taiwan's air force scrambled again on Sunday to warn away 27 Chinese aircraft that entered its air defense zone, Taiwan's Defense Ministry said, the latest increase in tensions across the Taiwan Strait as China's President met his top generals.
Published on the web: 3 days ago
Publisher: CNN
The Telegraph
The news raises flags about how Beijing's censorship on free speech is becoming the norm in the island city...
Published on the web: 29 November 2021 • 10:54am
<div itemprop="articleBody" data-js="article-body"> <div> <div data-test="article-body-text"> <p>Democrats desperately scrambling to find a potential successor to Joe Biden in 2024 are whispering about a potential nuclear option that could see Kamala Harris, the current Vice President, nominated to the Supreme Court.</p> <p>While the scenario is highly improbable, and perhaps a reflection of a Washington rumour mill in overdrive, the fact it has come up at all shows the depths of the predicament the Biden administration currently finds itself in, amid rising inflation, a stalled domestic agenda, and foreign policy disasters.</p> <p>Polls are now regularly showing <a href="https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2021/11/24/democrats-cast-doubt-joe-biden-2024-bid-calls-new-leadership" target="_blank">Mr Biden's approval rating below 40 per cent</a>, and panic set in at the White House after a recent poll put Kamala Harris at an unelectable 28 per cent.</p> </div> </div> <div data-test="html-embed"> <span></span> </div> <div> <div data-test="article-body-text"> <p>Behind-the-scenes discussion of how Democrats could arrive at a third option for the next election are under way.<br>Operatives are preparing for the possibility of a contested presidential primary in which other would-be nominees take on Ms Harris, but that could be damaging for the party.</p> <p>The left-field Supreme Court theory would mean Mr Biden nominating Ms Harris, a former high-flying prosecutor, if a seat on the court became available over the next three years, which it may well. Mr Biden could then use Section 2 of the 25th Amendment to nominate a more popular vice president.</p> <p>That person would be the presumptive Democrat nominee should Mr Biden not run for re-election at the age of 82.</p> <p>If Mr Biden stepped down before Nov 2024, the new vice president, under Section 1 of the 25th Amendment, would assume the presidency, and be able to run as an incumbent.</p> <p>It is, of course, all wildly hypothetical, but constitutionally feasible.</p> <h2 style="font-size:1.05em">No precedent, but no impediment </h2> <p>The idea of a Supreme Court nomination for Ms Harris was first reported by CNN which, while calling it an "Aaron Sorkin-style rumour" - a reference to the creator of The West Wing - said the "chatter has already reached top levels of the Biden orbit".</p> <p>Ms Harris was in the frame for nomination to the Supreme Court by Barack Obama in 2016, but wanted to run for the US Senate instead.</p> <p>There is no precedent for a sitting vice president being nominated to the Supreme Court. However, Erwin Chemerinsky, the dean of the University of California at Berkeley School of Law, said: "I do not see any impediment to a sitting vice president being nominated for the Supreme Court."</p> <p>If the unlikely theory were to play out Ms Harris would need to be confirmed to the court by a simple majority in the Senate, which is split 50-50, and where she herself currently holds the casting vote as Vice President.</p> <p>According to Constitutional experts Ms Harris would then have to resign as vice president to sit on the court, allowing Mr Biden to nominate a successor.</p> <p>Mr Biden, 79, has publicly pledged to seek re-election, but <a href="https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/11/15/sliding-biden-risks-lame-duck-presidency" target="_blank">senior figures within the Democratic Party remain sceptical that he will</a>.</p> <p>Meanwhile, Ms Harris's allies maintain she has been hamstrung in office by difficult assignments, including stopping the flow of central American migrants and protecting voting rights.</p> </div> </div> <div data-test="html-embed"> <span></span> </div> <div> <div data-test="article-body-text"> <p>One long-time Democratic strategist, who is close to the Vice President, dismissed reports of a tense relationship with Mr Biden.</p> <p>"We've seen similar types of stories in every administration, about how the Vice President's office is getting along with the President's office," the strategist said.</p> <p>"There were those stories when Joe Biden himself was vice president, so some of this is fairly standard." The source added: "Sometimes to deflect from number one, you go after number two."</p> <p>As to a Supreme Court vacancy, the Bill Clinton appointee Justice Stephen Breyer, 83, is the oldest of the nine justices, and is under increasing pressure from left-wing Democrats to retire. They want Mr Biden to install younger liberal justice now in case the White House is lost in 2024.</p> <p>Justice Breyer has left that possibility open, recently saying he does not "want to stay on the Supreme Court until I die".</p> <p>Mr Biden has previously pledged to nominate a black woman to the court should an opportunity arise.</p> <p>The discussion over potential successors to Mr Biden is highly unusual less than a year into an administration.</p> <p>Chris Dodd, a former senator and key Biden ally who helped him select Ms Harris, has openly hinted that she is not a shoo-in for the top job.</p> <p>Instead, Mr Dodd simply stated it would be "hard to believe there would be a short list without Kamala’s name on it."</p> <p>Any number of Democrats who ran against Mr Biden in 2020 could throw their hat into the ring once again, with Pete Buttigieg already being speculated about. </p> <p>The 39-year-old transport secretary has boosted his public profile by positioning himself as a key implementer of Mr Biden's signature infrastructure legislation.</p> <p>Senator Amy Klobuchar has been holding a national book tour, while New Jersey senator Cory Booker and Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren have been active in the most critical voting states. </p> <p>While a sitting vice president has never moved to the Supreme Court, one former president did. In 1921 former president William Taft was nominated to the court and served as Chief Justice of the United States for a decade.</p> <p>And while the circumstances were very different, there is a precedent for the 25th Amendment being used to install an unelected vice president, who then becomes an unelected president.</p> <p>In 1973 vice president Spiro Agnew resigned, and then president Richard Nixon nominated Gerald Ford to succeed him. Less than a year later Mr Nixon resigned and Mr Ford assumed the presidency, using the 25th Amendment to nominate Nelson Rockefeller as his new vice president.</p> <p>For over two years Mr Ford and Mr Rockefeller were president and vice president, with neither of them having been elected to the offices.</p> </div> </div> </div>
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